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object ball rolls off when rolling

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  • object ball rolls off when rolling


    i love to cut some hard shots, and trust me i have cut some extream cut shot and used the ball weight to drop it.
    however am not saying that the extream shots shouldnt roll off. i know how the cloth nap works.

    whenever i roll a ball , lets say a straight ball and i wanna roll it off , not even using playing as dead weight, however 7 outta 10 it rolls off to side. i can only think of snooker balls , public table cloth and maybe i dont play it correctly which i doubt

    thats why i am trying to buy a new set of balls. the club balls are very light and the cueball is even lighter and smaller. although i bought my own cueball but it wont match up

    some shots i try to play stun run through, but some shots i cannot, and i have to roll and i always know that i m gonna miss it, caz its gonna roll off. the object ball has speed and it goes very straight and sometimes midway or close to pocket it rolls off, not that its that slow that the nap of the cloth rolls it off. i have no idea whats happening

    i have seen pros play those rolling shots with drag style, but theres another reason for doing that so you dont get a kick , but i am sure you cannot play all rolling shots with drag or aim below centre and roll it, some shots requires a good position

    i need your suggestions!
    should i blame the balls or the cloth?

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    A couple of things come to mind
    1. poor cloth condition, little or no brushing, napping and ironing in the correct direction, so finger marks and dust/dirt accumulate. This can exaggerate the nap.(which was my first thought, a heavy thick cloth with a heavy nap, poorly maintained = sad playing conditions
    2. Slate sag - old slate on a frame that does not have enough support from the frame members can sag in the middle (dish).
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