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  • How would you play it

    Was watching a video last night

    I found it strange that Nic suggested should come off the cushions and into the pack.

    I was thinking why not go straight into the pack - which he eventually did BUT he still said the right way to play it would be off the cushions

    What I noticed was every time he went into the pack from the cushions he was never on a red (well maybe one not so easy red)

    How would you have played it?

    To more interest there was a similar shot in the SF although there wasn't as many reds to go into Zhou did play directly into them rather than off the cushions

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    The shot that Zhou played had more angle than Nic's. Nic's shot is very thick so he had to play 2 cushions with running side.


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      1/2 ball blue. Screw/side straight into the pack.
      3/4 ball blue. Running side off two cushions.


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        In looking at Nic's set-up if he hits the pink dead-on there would be 2 reds heading to the area around the 2 top pockets whereas the 2-cushion shot even with a ton of power might yield one red into the middle. Much better with his 3/4-ball blue to try and smack the pink in the face or else do the 2-cushions with a ton of power.
        Terry Davidson
        IBSF Master Coach & Examiner


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          It's all in the angle, Nic's angle would have to be such a powerfull stun just to split a few reds, doesn't look on to me. A couple of inches higher on the blue a stun to hit the pink full ball looks to be the best shot. This would send reds in all directions with a high % of being on something.
          No cheap shots...well maybe the odd one if its funny...