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    hi..i am hoping that someone may have an idea as to what is happening with one of our snooker tables in the club..the table has been recovered and leveled by two different companies over the last 4 years..and at approx the same time after each re-cloth the slate in the middle of the table (4 slater) between the pink and blue has lifted by a mill across the blue spot..i am of the opinion it must be the frame and that at the time of re-cloth the seal between the slates has full strength so therefore is not a problem until the seal breaks down over time..if anyone out there has any clue as to why this is happening i sure would appreciate a heads up...could the frame itself be warped ...or is the slate itself warped...??????????..all replies most welcome

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    My friend , send Geoff a PM or try to contact him , please !!
    I bet he can help you out with this one !!
    He's a member here on tsf .


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      thnx for the help but as a newb i have no idea how to do this..


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        Originally posted by elsparrow View Post
        thnx for the help but as a newb i have no idea how to do this.. here you go.
        No cheap shots...well maybe the odd one if its funny...


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          cheers cue crafty..i appreciate the info..i should have mentioned this little problem resides way out of town in neil robo territory..i mean Australia..i will message gci billiards any way and see if he will reply..thnx again matey


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            Originally posted by Cue crafty View Post
   here you go.
            Thanks my friend !!