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Talisman Pro Soft Any Good?

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  • Talisman Pro Soft Any Good?

    I've been used to using normal pressed tips ever since I picked up a cue and I've only ever used Elks, Blue Diamond, Mike Wooldridge Supertips, Buffalo Diamond Plus & Grand tips. I've heard a lot of good things about the Talisman Pro tips and read that the soft Talisman is probably the best and that the 11mm one is made better than the smaller ones. Was just interested if anybody has got any insight into these Talisman Pro Soft tips & what are they like to play with, pros & cons of the tip, grip on the cue ball and reaction on the cueball when playing screw shots and has it made a difference to their game etc.

    Any advice would be great.
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    Good morning ,

    I have tried them and I found them too hard, tbh.
    I would say phoenix M tips 11 mm, are far better tips in term of response.

    However, when it comes to tips, it's realy a matter of personal preference and what kind of cue (character of the wood) you playing with.

    The same tip can have a different response and playability on different cues and this mostly due to the character of the wood .

    The best way is try it out and see if you like it , imo.

    BTW , Keep an eye on this thread , i hope you get some better advice from other members !!


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      Talisman soft are the better if the Talisman tips. I've heard the 11mm are better but can't say I've noticed personally.
      They are pretty consistent and once fitted play straight in which is good.

      As for shots, they play very well and are very reactive to deep screws etc.
      Like most layered tips, ensure you shape them with enough of the layer at the top of the tip so a small piece doesn't come detached.
      Very, very occasionally one may delaminate but it's rare.
      if you are going from a pressed tip to one they will seem clunky fir a while so you may ir may not like the feel but that aside they are very popular.
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