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  • miscuing cause

    I mis-cue on deep screw shots consistently and its starting to effect my entire game.

    Let me share what i did recently, saw my coach once again 2 months ago, and he said that my technique is has no problem, and i need to work on cueball height. eg: very bottom is 6, half tip above that is +5 , half above +4 , so work those out, and keep working on height of the cueball.

    i been working on cueball height and controlling it for the past 2 months, however last 2 weeks, i hvae been mis-cuing alot, i mean alot, when play deep screw shots. its fine if i play abit heigher than i normally used to , but i dont get that deep screw effect, it gives me that stun screw shots. i am one of those that even my coach was impressed with my deep screw shots, but now i cant even screw back the black off spot with confident for the last 2 weeks.

    things that i checked:
    1. i realized that i sort of do like judd trump with delivering the cue ( the cue still in contact with chin when delivering - only for soft - medium shots , maybe like ronnie does it, he keeps the chin intouch with cue but for hard shots he doesnt, thats i think i am doing, and yes last year i was told to do this by my coach to deliver straighter.

    2. i sort of see-saw my head like ronnie does, when i pull the cue back i tent to drop my head few mm but while the cue is touching the chin ( i never had this but as i get more confident i tend to do this )

    then i stopped no1 and no2 head movements, but still miscuing.
    • so i had 2 chalks in my cue case, i put new chalks thought it could be chalk, but no.
    • then i changed my tip like 3 times, nothing helped
    • i thoght maybe i am doing something wrong with the grip, but no, i even tried 2 fingers still mis-cuing
    • i checked if the cue is not parallel to the table, but it is fine

      and today i got mad, and u know what i think i found out why! but i need some help from you experts to confirm it.
      i think its my bridge hand, yes bridge hand
      i always had very loose bridge however i had never problem with it, but since i've been working on cueball heights, and i practiced like 3-5 hours /5 days a week, for the last 2 months on cueball height. and now im adjusting different height of bridge hand according to cueball height which previously i didnt. and it has effected my bridge hand. and today i also checked that when i played deep screw my bridge hand is looser, as months ago , whenever i used to play screw shots i always tend to make my bridge hand solid.

      i hope its the bridge hand, caz this mis-cuing is the worst thing i have ever seen. so annoying, so bad that it effects every other shots, and u cant even play snooker.

      please do share if you ever had experienced this sort of stuff aswell


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    I only miscue when I think too much and/or am very tight.
    Your thought pattern is far too complicated. Not sure how will you ever get to be smooth and relaxed on the table thinking like this.


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      The only way this can be resolved is for you to post a video of you doing a deep screw. From what you say perhaps it is the bridge hand, which should be firm for any height on the cueball.
      Terry Davidson
      IBSF Master Coach & Examiner


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        Originally posted by Terry Davidson View Post
        The only way this can be resolved is for you to post a video of you doing a deep screw. From what you say perhaps it is the bridge hand, which should be firm for any height on the cueball.
        yeah i will try to post a good quality video if i could. never ever had this problem. somehow i got this problem recently. the only changes i made is practicing cueball height.

        i placed 8 cueballs above black to create different angles, and the task was to pot the black with 8 spots on cueball. i did this for 2 months daily for hours.

        i counted too, 8x8 and every angle 3 times to see the consistency of the cueball too. so its around 192 balls from both sides of table. my cueball control is almost perfect now. so this is what i practiced for around 2 months. i did some mix routines aswell, but the main routine was the cueball control

        let me explain abit further. lets say i wanted to screw back 10 inches, i used to deep screw but decrease the power to get the desired position or lenght. however now i know that i have to play abit above and even if i play harder it wont travel more than 10 inches. so this is what i have learnt now, however i mis-cue on deep screw backs


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          As Terry says, it's impossible to say without you posting a video of you doing some screw shots.

          It could be lots of different things causing your problem.
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