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  • Rules question.

    I had a scenario while playing yesterday that I hadn't came across before.

    What happened was that I had left the brown hanging right in the jaws of the pocket. My opponent played next and missed the red. I then pot a red and nominate the hanging brown. Got down, played the cue ball towards the brown and before it reached it the brown fell into the pocket. What would be the ruling on this? I assumed because it had sat there for a minute or so without falling it would have to be replaced, but would the shot have to be replayed, or would I have committed a foul?

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    Pretty sure the brown gets replaced on edge of pocket, no foul committed, and you put cue ball back where it was and you go again


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      This actual scenario is covered in the rules.
      Sec 3.9 Ball on Edge of Pocket
      When a ball falls into a pocket without being hit by another ball, and:
      (a) Being no part of any stroke in progress, it shall be replaced and any points previously scored shall count.
      (b) If it would have been hit by any ball involved in a stroke:
      (i) with no infringement of these Rules (including cases where an infringement would have occurred but for the ball falling into a pocket), all balls will be replaced and the same stroke played again, or a different stroke may be played at his discretion, by the same striker;

      (ii) if a foul is committed, the striker incurs the penalty prescribed in Section 3 Rule 10, all balls will be replaced and the next player has the usual options after a foul.
      (c) If a ball balances momentarily on the edge of a pocket and then falls in, it shall count as in the pocket and not be replaced.

      So in your situation, the balls should be replaced and you have your stroke again, no penalty.
      Up the TSF!