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    As stated in a previous post, I have not played or refereed a game for some time now. So I am wondering why the following rule was changed:
    Player A is 31 points ahead with one red remaining. Player B fails to hit the red, (penalty 4 points and player A 35 points in front).
    Now, as far as I know, a foul and miss would not now be called, when beforehand, the foul and miss would be called, as player B could still pot the red, followed by black and all the colours to force a re-spot black and then possibly win the frame/match.
    If this change is true, can someone tell me when and why this was changed?
    Thanks in advance.
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    The rule was changed in 2011. The fact that you can only win by forcing a re-spot was not considered satisfactory: when reviewed it was thought that there had to be enough points on the table to actually win (both before and after the stroke).
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