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    Ive gone for tournament size on my table at home.

    Its not set up at the moment but should be up in the next couple of weeks fingers crossed.

    Reason why I decided to go for tournament size pockets is:
    1) I had a few friends playing on a star table in london and they were beginners, when they'd come up north they'd be knocking the balls in on club tables. Its harder to play but you will be a better player.
    2) if the pockets are too tight you can have them done a little bigger but if they're too big you'll have to rerubber - I've gone for norther rubber and new cloth all around


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      Originally posted by royle1987 View Post
      Hi all,

      One of my team mates at Snooker is looking to purchase a snooker table for his home use. However he his undecided on what table to purchase as its not something anyone does from day to day and knowing whether he has a good deal or not is hard to work out.
      I might sell mine as I've seen another that i really like.

      What kind of budget do you have?

      I'm based in Manchester and table is dismantled but on second floor. Will need assistance with bringing the slates down.

      Cushions have been done in northern rubber and wrapped in 6811 tournament cloth.

      Its a B&W steel block table. Played on it when I went to pick view it and then when I went to pick it up. Absolutely delight to play on, class table.

      Its also an oak B&W table which is rare. Legs are stunning on the table.

      Like I said only reason why I am selling it is Ive seen another table that I've fallen in love with - would also need to check the table is still available before I sell this one.


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        I think for me personally I'd just find it too difficult and frustrating. It may be counter intuitive but I'd probably prefer to get a sound enough technique to be knocking in regular 40/50/60's before then trying something more difficult if I'm minded.


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          Hi chaps,

          My buddy decided to go with Geoff Large and currently has an add live on his website if anyone is interested in selling there table