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snooker pairs 2 continuous frames

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  • snooker pairs 2 continuous frames

    In a club comp last night in the first frame [of two continuous] with only the black left there was a foul on the black, in which the player went to pot the black, missed the pot but the cue ball went in the pocket.. as it is aggregate i thought they had to play on? the ref on the night insisted it was frame over...
    As i interpret the rules they should play on, am i going doo lally ?? lol

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    You thoughts are correct, in an aggregate match of multiple frames, the black is played until it is potted legally; UNLESS (see note below) it is the last frame then the first score or foul ends the frame and match.

    Sec 3.4 End of Frame, Game or Match
    (a) When Black is the only object ball remaining on the table, the first score or foul ends the frame excepting only if the following conditions both apply:
    (i) the scores are then equal; and
    (ii) aggregate scores are not relevant.
    (b) When both conditions in (a) above apply:
    (i) the Black is spotted;
    (ii) the players draw lots for choice of playing next;
    (iii) the next player plays from in hand; and
    (iv) the next score or foul ends the frame.
    (c) When aggregate scores determine the winner of a game or match, and the aggregate scores are equal at the end of the last frame, the players in that frame shall follow the procedure for a re-spotted Black set out in (b) above.

    Now I have only played aggregate matches a few times in a local league, and we played on for the black to be legally potted; (note-this could be local-ruling) unless it was the last frame, BUT reading the rules it does not say "unless last frame" only that if aggregate scores are relevant, the game continues until the black is legally potted.
    So (1) your referee was incorrect as the game is not stopped ever (maybe) with first score or foul; and (2) I hope a more experienced ref of aggregate matches comes on here to clarify

    edit - Just read the SRA explanation and it seems that in an aggregate match the Black is played till legally potted IN every frame.
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      thanks dean, the ref on the night will be informed.. he owes me a couple of pints


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        I call that a result

        unless you have local/club rules to the contrary
        but definitely wrong on the first frame
        Up the TSF!