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Cue ball touching a red and the player on a colour

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  • Cue ball touching a red and the player on a colour

    If the cue ball is touching a ball that’s not on ie a red when playing say the black...does the referee need to declare that it’s touching. ?

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    No, only if the cue ball is touching a Ball On or that could be on (colours) is the touching ball declared, this announces to the striker and the non-striker (and audience) that the striker can play away (as they are deemed to have played that ball) or they are going to play another ball - when on colours, touching yellow and wants to play the green and they will require to declare their nominated ball.
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      If the cue ball finishes touching a ball on (or could be on - ie touching a colour after a red has been potted, or touching a colour when a free ball has been declared) then the referee should state 'touching ball'. The striker then merely needs to play away (or if on a choice of colours can play at another colour).

      If the cue ball comes to rest touching a ball that is not on, then the referee remains silent, UNLESS asked whether the balls are touching, in which case he will reply. However, he will not declare 'touching ball' (because it's not touching a ball on), but will merely say 'yes' they're touching' or something to that effect.
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