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    Last night playing a league match player took his shot without having a hand on the table or using a rest, white was in a Chinese snooker near cushion some thoughts that this was a foul but nobody was sure anybody know the ruling.

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    No foul.
    This is a one handed shot. Steve Davis was known to have made centuries one handed.
    It's the feet or atleast one foot that has to be on the floor at all times otherwise a foul is called.
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      Cheers yes I witnessed Alex Higgins make 135 playing one handed, just out of the normal the guy played the shot two handed but with a floating bridge hence why people where probably unsure we deemed it no foul anyway.


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        Hand on table

        yep, no foul
        as long as they don't contact any other ball, or mis-hit the cue ball and ensure the cue ball contacts the ball on or any other foul as defined by the rules

        having a bridge hand is not stated in the rules.

        I recall Big Bill Werbiniuk playing a few shots with the butt of his cue (I think he was so far behind...) and he was reminded by the ref that the rules state to strike the cue ball with the tip of the cue.

        should have been a foul but the ref went with the humour of the situation - neither player was gaining or losing an unfair advantage.
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          Many masse' shots (including Jimmy White's famous one) require a floating bridge, no foul. The only strict rules for cue action & stance are that at least one foot must touch the floor, and that the cue ball be touched by the cue tip without making a push-shot -- what the rest of the body does during the shot is somehow neglected by the official rules.