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Measuring if a table is level

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  • Measuring if a table is level

    Looking for some advice as to how tables are measured to see if they are level. Obviously I can use a spirit level but is there a specific type/brand/degree of accuracy? I have been tasked by our pool team to get some levels to check the table. I have seen a set of 3 (to let me go down the length, across the width and diagonally too, that have an accuracy of 0.5mm per metre. An engineer's level is much more accurate (but also more expensive) and is also quite small so would need moved around in variosu places across the table. One of our team likes to test the table by playing a very slow shot from one corner pocket to another, to see if it runs off, but there is no guarantee that he will always hot dead centre on the cueball and I would rather have an objective measurement.

    What equipment is sued when setting up a snooker table to measure "levelness".


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    i use a digital level you can pick them up cheap enough


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      I currently can't move topics, so I have placed a post in the Tables section to hopefully catch the attention of the resident table fitters and you get some responses

      I hear that a "Engineering level" is what is used.

      A brickie's spirit-level is not good enough

      here is a photo from Geoff's site of one type, not saying this is correct fro snooker

      anyone remember where there is that photo of a level showing change for the thickness of a pound note?
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        found another photo of Geoff using his engineering level, 5th photo down
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          Not a picture but this video shows the difference a ten pound note makes on an engineers level

          skip to 2.20 if you don't want to watch the entire video


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            This has been very useful and helpful, thank you everyone


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              I use a digital level. I bought it when I was living in China, so it was very cheap. It, too, turns to the thickness of a new bank note.