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  • Questions on tables

    I am wondering if some of you more experienced players have any input to my query please.

    We have two tables at our club and last year both of them were re-covered and presumably checked for levels too.

    Over recent weeks there have been a number of comments made regarding balls rolling off-line particularly the slower more softly played shots. It would seem that this is happening regardless of the direction that the shot is being played.

    I do know that mention will be made of the effect of the nap of the cloth on the roll of the balls. How much of an effect does this have. Am I right in thinking that it will be more on our club type cloth than would be the case on top quality tables?

    If we get the table fitter back to check the levels and they are found to be OK, what other factors might we consider that might be causing the problem?

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    Depends on the cloth you had fitted, to the effect of the nap; generally heavier the weight of cloth the greater the nap.
    Also, how old was the old cloth? If this was very old and thinned due to play, brushing, ironing, and napping you all got used to those cloth's playing characteristics and jump straight into a brand new cloth
    Ask what cloth was requested and fitted and of course that the tables were checked for level.

    I assume you have brushed, ironed and napped the new cloths already?

    I hope one of our resident table-fitters pop in and give their advise
    Up the TSF!