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    Hello folks, I am often asked by fellow members of my club, to fit a new tip on their cue.

    There is a box of tips kept in the office but, to be absolutely honest, I have never seen anything like them. I have been meaning to get the name from the box but I keep forgetting. Anyway, what I can say is that they are very old, probably ordered by Oliver Cromwell's private secretary for when he fancied having a frame or two

    What I would like to ask you knowledgeable chaps is, I am thinking of buying a box of say 25 or 50 tips and, I will be looking for something cheapish and decentish and am wondering what to go for. I have used your advices for my own purchases but these tend to be a little more expensive than is necessary for the type of members at the club will need. The age range that I am talking about is 65 to 99 and usually they are happy to know that there is something on the end of their cue to cushion the blow between the cue and the ball

    Any help will, as usual, be much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Personally for this I would go with a box of Elkmasters.


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      or these :

      are both good options I think
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        Just have a look at TSF Shop you can get 10% discount of boxes of blue diamond or elks
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          TS Long Ba from china, a fiver for a box of 50 and as good a tip as you can buy.
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