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    My name is Terence Travis I am trying to acquire Funding for the junior under 21s Snooker players representing England in Canada..

    The Players are invited to play in the Regional Tour to progress to the Regional Junior Premiere Tour.
    If reaching the top four after these advents they then can represent England in the Europeans and England in the World under 21s.
    As you can see they are not chosen and get to represent England by there ability.
    Did you know that four players have just representing England in the under 21s Snooker in Malta from 28th of March to 7th of April 2011.
    They had to pay there own Air Fares, Transfers and Hotel Bill.
    They lived on cereals bought from a local Supermarket because they could not afford eat in their Hotel.
    The other seven countries were sponsored.
    Nick Jennings ***********
    Mitchell Travis ***********
    Sam Harvey
    Callum Downing ***********
    Three of the above players are to represent England in Canada in the World under 21s Snooker on the 12th July to the 23th July 2011.
    They are expected to pay there own Air fares, Hotel Bills and any other expenses.
    o Why is there no support for these players. And why does Joe Snooker out there Know nothing about it.
    Please pass this on.
    o The advent Venue in Canada is The Sheraton Montreal Airport Hotel.
    o I look forward to your reply.
    o T.Travis
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    Sad to hear that these players don't have the financial support of their local sports Body.
    There are 4 players going from India to compete in World under 21s in Canada,And I know there expenses will be covered by BSFI.(Our National sports body for cuesports).
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      It is indeed very sad that no English players have been financially supported in representing their country for many a long year, and that is down to the lack of funding within the EASB. Unlike most countries' national governing bodies the EASB is not affiliated to its national sports council (Sport England). And the reason for that? Quite simply the billiards fraternity's actions have prevented it for the last 20 years.

      To put it very simply the Sports Council will only recognise billiards and snooker as one sport, and the EABA, having built up a very successful series of events themselves saw no reason to relinquish any control, to allow its own sport and snooker to progress further through SE recognition.

      Peter Ainsworth of the current Board has worked tirelessly since he joined them in 2006 to explore many different avenues to achieve SE recognition but each time those attempts have been blocked by EABA, SE and even the IBSF (whose new constitution threatens the full membership entitlement of England because of lack of SE recognition). EASB has now made an application to SE for recognition for both snooker and billiards under its own auspices, and hopefully the situation will be resolved this year.

      Having said that, with the 2012 Olympics looming it is unlikely that even if recognition is achieved in the short term, that any money will be forthcoming any time soon.

      Until then EASB is entirely dependant on funding its operations through membership fees and a cut of tournament entry fees. The small number of generous sponsorship from clubs goes towards bolstering prize funds for those events.


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        Can I also suggest that it's not good practice to put your own phone number of a public forum, let alone those of other young players!


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          Originally posted by Souwester View Post
          Can I also suggest that it's not good practice to put your own phone number of a public forum, let alone those of other young players!
          Good point.

          If you want to put your own details on the forum then that is your choice but butting the details of others up is another matter.

          I have removed all phone numbers apart form the posters details form the first post.


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            Scotland isn't accredited by their sportscouncil either, nor do they have any sponsorship for overseas events, yet they funded their players to Syria, Malta, Bulgaria and now Canada with a grant of £250 to each player.

            Don't rely on Sportscouncils, just budget, fundraise and plan for it.