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TSB - World Seniors Snooker Returns

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  • TSB - World Seniors Snooker Returns

    Snooker’s World Seniors Championship returns this November, and the whole event will be televised live by Sky Sports. The tournament will be held at the East of England Showground, Peterborough, on the weekend of November 5 and 6 and will feature a field of 16 players, with 12 invited and four more to come through ... Continue Reading

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    this best of 3 coblers makes it a bit of hype no substance.

    you really cant have credability playing best of 3s.


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      Next year the real world championship will be reduced to best of 5s with a shot clock and time-outs, because "People buying tickets want to see a result on the day."


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        Hi snooker fans around the World Alain Robidoux will be playing in the Senior Snooker Champs in Nov 2011 and his first match will be the Canadian Cliff Thorburn i hope Alain does well in this tournament

        These days he has been practicing to be ready for this event in Nov 2011 it will be televised by Sky Sports with a Shot Clock and that should be a test for players playing in this tournament

        Cheers Leonard from Montreal Quebec Canada


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          Anyone else going to this? I've just booked for the Saturday as the venue is only about a 20 minute drive away. Quite happy with the field they've assembled, particularly as it includes some of my old faves in action, and also with the decision to increase the age range from 40 to 45 as it was ridiculous having the likes of Ebdon, Doherty and Hendry involved in these events previously. One major disappointment is the exclusion of Kirk Stevens who I thought would be a certaintly after taking part in the Legends recently to a pretty decent standard apparently. Hope its not a result of him being back on the sauce again. Had expected Mike Hallett to be included as well given that he's still competing reasonably in the PTC's. Would also have been nice to see Reardon, Thorne, Griffiths, Meo and Virgo, though wasn't really expecting any of them given that none of them have played competitively in some time. Anyone know when the qualifying event is taking place and who is involved? Maybe an opportunity for the likes of Hallett, Dean Reynolds, Steve James, Darren Morgan and David Taylor to join their fellow oldies.