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TSB - Changes to main tour structure from 2012/2013 season

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  • TSB - Changes to main tour structure from 2012/2013 season

    A number of changes have been announced today by World Snooker including the main tour increasing to 128 from the 2012/2013 season, Q School qualifiers will have their tour place for two years not one and a overhaul of the ranking system to mirror ranking points to prize money. So the tour increasing to 128 more .....

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    I agree with everything done so far EXCEPT for the proposed the ranking change which is just kissing the arse of ROS and others who cant be asked taking part in the PTC or who have had bad results and are looking for an excuse.

    Why is it fair to link ranking to prize money. That is bias to the top 16/32 or players who only want to play in the majors

    Leave it like it is I say.

    I like seeing players like Ben Woooly, Michael White, ballrun etc breaking through. Why not.
    Ronnie O S said he felt blackmailed to play in some events because he needed ranking points and yet felt miffed because of the low prize money. I wish I could smack him in the face as he is such a arse.

    Leave the ranking alone, it is the fairest it has ever been.


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      I also think the changes are a good idea as well. but if the ranking system was to change from points to money earned, I think the seeded players if they loose thier first round match in all ranking tornaments should get half money, ie Say a top 16 player looses his first rd match in the world championship he gets £7,000 Pounds instead of £14,000 pounds while the qualifier gets £14.00 pounds if he beats or looses to the seeded player in RD 1, also will the highest break prize be added to a players prize money if they acheive this.
      Ronnie O' Sullivan seven times the record breaking Snooker Master