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TSB - UK Championship News – Carter Quits, Williams wows and TV Scheduling

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  • TSB - UK Championship News – Carter Quits, Williams wows and TV Scheduling

    BBC Coverage From the start of the event we have had Live Snooker on BBC 2 but no coverage in the evenings apart from on interactive, from the quarterfinals stage it finally hits BBC2 but cuts off mid session and again you have to switch to interactive! seriously do The BBC want viewers or not? more .....

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    TSB seems to have a problem, cannot see any page on that site

    Edit: seems to have woken up now, cheers (if you did anything that is )
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      It can take some time to load every now and then, it is a problem I am looking into.


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        no worries

        also, I agree with you, does the BBC want any viewers? It is extremely annoying to bounce around the terrestrial channel to Red Button, which then fails because the wife has set up two records!
        Generally I do like the BBC snooker team (well maybe not the JV "where's the white going!" ) and the little snippets they do, answering questions, etc., so having more of this would be great. Doubt much will change though...
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          How annoying barry and co shortening the matches to please the beeb for NOWT ... pfffft.

          Looking forward to today's match though..


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            Issue over live interactive clearly silly. Im sure change will be made.
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