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TSB - Foul up and a mess with official Snooker rules

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  • TSB - Foul up and a mess with official Snooker rules

    Whilst reading “The Official Rules of The Games of Snooker and Billiards” as published by The WPBSA I came across 113 errors! not spelling mistakes nor were they errors in the rules themselves but errors in political correctness. In total there are 61 instances of the word “He” and 52 instances of “His” published in more .....

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    In my copy they qualify that in the introduction where they say any reference to 'he' or 'him' should be taken to mean either sex

    Terry Davidson
    IBSF Master Coach & Examiner


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      Oh yes, s3 r19(a) covers this

      19. Interpretation
      (a) Throughout these Rules and Definitions, words implying the masculine gender shall equally apply to and include the female gender.


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        Indeed that is stated on page 27 and a similar statement existed in The Rules of Tennis until a few years ago when they had to remove this part of the rules and change every instance of he to he/she -


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          There's really no need to bother about this. Anyone familiar with modern neuroscience knows that in female brains the Snooker Cortex is replaced by structures which allow women to differentiate between otherwise absolutely indistinguishable pairs of shoes.

          This is why I can be quite confident that no woman will make a break of over 20 before at least 2054.


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            I can't find the article in my history but I will continue to Google for it, the blog post that I read about 2 months ago stated that in legal document, which the rules of Snooker is, references had to be made gender specific with out sub references, ie without saying that he or his also refer to she or her, this is why the rules of Tennis and another sport! it may have been badminton had to be changed.


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              Just had a email form someone who says "Technically you are correct for new legal document and contracts BUT if a legal document is published before the year 2000 the document owner has until 2015 to make all references gender specific, document published after 2000 should be made gender specific" as the rules of Snooker were amended this year then they should of been made gender specific, if they had not been amended then they could of stayed with the same wording until 2015 when changes would need to be implemented.