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TSB - Joe Jogia withdraws amidst match fixing allegations

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  • TSB - Joe Jogia withdraws amidst match fixing allegations

    It has been announced today that Joe Jogia, real name,*Shailesh Jogia,*has withdrawn from this weekends Shootout tournament in Blackpool, Jogia 34 from Leicester was named earlier this week along with fellow Snooker player Matthew Selt as part of irregular betting patters on their match which was*scheduled*to be played on Saturday. Jogia sites his withdraw to more .....

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    Jogia says irregular betting patterns are down to Knee injury -


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      Rod Lawler

      Rod Lawler in a tournament with a shot clock that should be fun to watch
      Goddess Of All Things Cue Sports And Winner Of The 2012 German Masters and World Open Fantasy Games and the overall 2011-12 Fantasy Game


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        Originally posted by LittleMissAlexa View Post
        Rod Lawler in a tournament with a shot clock that should be fun to watch
        Remember Rory McLeod could beat Drago. That was fun as well.
        ....its not called potting its called snooker. Quote: WildJONESEYE
        "Its called snooker not potting" Quote: Rory McLeod


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          With Jogia pulling out of Tourny altogether makes it Look even Worse!


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            He's citing a knee injury which is supposedly why many people had bets on him losing. Gotta give him the benefit of the doubt here, I've spoke to Joe a few times in the past and he doesn't seem the type to go risking his career over a betting scandal. I reckon he told a lot of people that he'd got pain in his knee and word has gotten around and then lots of bets were made off the back of this. I think the honest thing to do was to pull out because it voids the match and bets.


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              Cueman ...Remember John Higgins!!!!

              Nobody would have Thought that about him Especially not me for sure!

              Joe Career what Career!

              Somebody in Top 8 Maybe? but Outside that and especially Outside Top16/32 there Not Earning alot at all and thats why alot of them have been Playing Poker instead!


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                You have to be mad to try and fix any type of sports match . The Betting companies get all the info on what's being laid on matches and it is very easy to workout which match is being fixed .
                There was a football match between Bury and Accrington. Betfair looked at the matches in the Division to see what money was on each game .
                It went something like this :

                Rochdale £3000
                Northampton £4500
                Bury £250000
                Carlisle £6000

                Now which game alerted them to unusual betting patterns !!!!!!!

                Also remember Ebdon v Wengbo ............9 bets of £100 placed on Wengbo to win 5 - 0 in one hour in Manchester Bookies .

                Things like that are unusual and get flagged up very quickly .
                Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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                  Neil it is quite easy to get away with Betting beleive me been a Gambler for Many years myself and when I used to have Inside info on the Horses I would Spread my Bet with all Bookies and Best was look for Small Bookie Shops who arent in the Big Ring as we say!

                  Neil it has been going on for Years as most of us know and Still is going on and will Continue to as long as you dont put £250,000 or £10,000 in each bookies etc you will be ok. Most Pro's havent got that to Spend anyway as its the Lesser Ranked Players who have a Flutter as Losing 5-0 to them doesnt really harm them but Top Players dont really need to do it "BAR" John Higgins as they Wanna be No1 and Earning enough of the Curcuit but still They Cannot Say they have NEVER had a bet as I know a few Top Players in there Time which I have Seen with my Own Eyes having a Bet on Snooker!

                  Where theres Money to be Made People will always Try!


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                    The Higgins scenario and Ebdon's predicted loss to Wenbo are far more worrying than this latest match fixing claim


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                      I agree Circle!


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                        I watched a bit of this last night. What a load of old tosh, I for one won't be watching any more of this rubbish.


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                          Gotta agree there caz. i watched 5 mins of it and couldn't take anymore of the silly 'darts' crowd...

                          Very sad to see pro snooker played in such circumstances, with all the drunken screaming and shouting.

                          It just ain't right i tells ya

                          No doubt it's a good night out on the lash if watching 'live', but as far as TV viewing goes, it's irritating as fook and on par with power snooker...

                          Not the direction i want to see snooker go in. Darts, snooker is not.....


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                            I thought that this was 10 times better than that Power Snooker rubbish. The crowd at that were unbearable .
                            At least this was ok until near the end of the night ........when i turned the sound off !
                            Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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                              Originally posted by LittleMissAlexa View Post
                              Rod Lawler in a tournament with a shot clock that should be fun to watch
                              Haha, yeah.