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No UK PTC events next season

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  • No UK PTC events next season

    In a letter to the players today Barry Hearn has announced that there will be no PTC events in The...

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    I live in Scotland and the last PTC here was last year at Ravenscraig. I couldn't get tickets at all for the event yet when I watched the live stream, there seemed to be lots of spaces. I've no idea what's that about.

    I do suspect that a lot of tickets are bought up or reserved for corporate events/sponsors and folks simply can't be bothered to go.


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      Its a shame this has happened, there are people amongst us that cant always either afford or simply can't get tickets for the "big events" in England and these were a chance to get reasonably priced seats to see some of the greats of snooker, whilst i accept we need a more diverse demographic in snooker it shouldn't be at the expense of the spectator nor the up and coming amateur that put simply cannot afford to make ends meet.


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        Its a shame they no longer offer the amatuer players a chance of playing in these events but really I can see why they have taken this decision.

        They can run these euro PTC's at much bigger arena's and with better facilities and not to mention packed out audiences which help for the cost of setting up these events.

        In the UK nearly all PTC's have been held at academies and whilst they have their place the game needs to be taken to bigger stages now so these small academy set ups are just not financially attractive and you can barely get 300 people in the main TV arena. Compare that to the german arena which seats 2500 and you can see why the players would prefer this, and of course world snooker.


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          This is sad to hear as i was seriously considering entering at least one of them next year. Such is the decline here in the uk and the rising profile abroad that this sort of thing was inevitable! Damn.
          Cheap and Cheerful! 😄


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            This is Snookers big chance, possibly it's last chance, there's no money here and limited interest in the game, got to go where the money is. The British guys better earn as much as they can as soon as they can because the travelling is going to get more and more expensive.