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Why pro's struggle on match day?

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  • Why pro's struggle on match day?

    I watch Marc Joyce play/practice every single day. Marc has such a fantastic all round game, his break building is 2nd to none. Just faultless. He knocks in regular 130's 140's and just in the last couple of week had had a couple of maximums. But for some reason when he goes to compete in his match's he struggles to get over the winning line?
    for me it's so painfull to understand why. How can a player fly his absolute tits off then go to a match and really struggle so bad?
    For me, Travelling half way across the world on your own doesn't help...
    Having the right practice partners around you daily are a big must...
    Lastly confidence...

    I rate Marc very highly & cant understand why he is struggling like he is.

    What's everyone's opinions?

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    I know Mark's coach very well and he concurs with your analysis that he is a fantastic player. The margins must be so small at the top level.


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      Barry does a great job, the knowledge that man has can do wonders for any player.
      I think Marc really deserves a break soon. He seems to run so bad in every match iv'e travelled with him too. He never get's any sort of run what so ever. Hopefully that will all change very soon. Just requires a nice run in a few tournys then i'm sure the confidence level will boost!


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        Even Shaun Murphy recently said that all the practice he's put in is finally starting to show in matches. I've seen Jamie Burnett practise and he never misses a ball.
        It must be the pressure of the occasion that forces the errors.


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          That's just snooker at the top level. When you miss, the other guy can make 140+ as well.

          Everything is exaggerated once you're at the top level. Miss the odd ball down the club and it doesn't matter. Miss one ball when you're playing another top pro, and it may well cost you the frame.

          It's also about chances. An extreme example I know, but if you play Neil Robertson and he glues you to the top rail? You're not making many 140+ breaks from there.

          The margins are so tiny at the top level. You're playing against a load of other people that can do exactly the same in practice.
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            Why do we stutter when we ask our loved ones out or ask for their hand in marriage?
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              It's more common than you think and may not be readily apparent to the others.

              If it turns out to be this type of condition, seek professional help immediately otherwise it will continue to be a burden and he may never be competitive.
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                Easy,in practice there isn't anything on it, no worries no nerves nothing, on the table most of the time, able to get his arm going, then conversely playing in a match situation, nerves being punished at every chance then not able to get an arm going all adds up.


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                  I also reckon over thinking is the enemy. Work your shot out, get down and do it - Sort of like Ronnie.

                  Instead of thinking about 'what-ifs?'


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                    Are there any pro players who are better ranked and generally more successful on tour, but could not beat Mark in practice? If you could name a few of those, I might believe that he is indeed under performing and struggling in matches.
                    I know he's an excellent player (he wouldn't be a pro otherwise), but this top level snooker competition is really brutal.

                    Nice article here:
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                      Very few pros take their practice game to the match table. Say in practice a players game is maybe 90% then in a match it goes to maybe 70%. Still very good but not as deadly as the practice game. 4 big reasons really, confidence, self belief, pressure and nerves. But if he keeps applying himself it could all come good one day.

                      Cheers Chris small



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                        This a great article, last night I was going to post a similar one. I have been working with Cliff Thorburn & Terry Davidson and I am finally seeing improvements but everything disappears when I leave my own Snooker Room and head out for a match. Doubts, Negative thoughts and anything else that can go wrong goes wrong. I look like I have never played before. I know what you mean by a fine line at the top. I played professional golf and when you went to the practice range there would be 20 guys out there hitting balls and they all looked like they could win but only a hand full had the mental game to go with their golf game. Look at Ronnie, now he has his head screwed on straight there is no touching him.
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                          All relative Did i read somewhere Trump tweeted ROS made 7 147s on a afternoon's practice then said I'm off for a run.

                          Maybe the top pros practice game is on different level to the lower rank pros?


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                            Originally posted by DG GIBERT View Post
                            All relative Did i read somewhere Trump tweeted ROS made 7 147s on a afternoon's practice then said I'm off for a run.

                            Maybe the top pros practice game is on different level to the lower rank pros?
                            Still, if they are doing the line-up, then maybe a 147 is not that difficult for a pro.
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                              Originally posted by mythman69 View Post
                              Still, if they are doing the line-up, then maybe a 147 is not that difficult for a pro.
                              I very much doubt it was a line up, not worth reporting if it was.

                              and not saying it was seven consecutive 147s
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