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    Yeah, obviously some events are weaker than others but this guys claiming his 'solid safety game' compensates for a high shot of 48 which is just ridiculous.

    You hear it all the time "he won't like playing me coz I'll just play him safe"

    I've never seen a 50 break player have a safety game that comes close to the safety game of a century break player.

    You've seen me do it... Whenever I play some muppet who just plays safe all the while, I refuse to take on anything at all myself... they get soon get flustered when they realise that my safety game is better than theirs and they start going for everything.

    Mind you, I am a complete ***** x


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      It goes without saying that the tournaments he's talking about are very weak, or he's 'exaggerating' a little!

      I've never seen him play, so I can't comment, but having never seen him hit a ball I'd happily give him 21 start for a grand a frame haha.

      As for Nuneaton getting a mention - coincidentally my home town, grew up with Mick Price, even in recent years played Adam Edge in his house and remember times when scratch comps there were full of decent players! Shame.
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