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    Hey guys I’m looking to take to the amateur scene with easb and I’m just wondering on how to go about getting sponsors?

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    I don't get it, to be blunt with a high break of 48 no one will sponsor you. I don't mean to be harsh, that's just reality. You mean getting sponsored to compete in amateur tournaments right? If I were you I'd just concentrate on improving and forget about easb amateur tournaments.

    Well done on the 48 break by the way, I hope you get your first 50 soon.


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      I think even the pros on the main tour struggle to get sponsors unless you're in the top 32 or have a friendly local business who have an interest in snooker.


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        I think it’s fine to have a crack at these events for the fun of it. But for the OP, these guys in are mainly borderline professionals and players on the cusp of getting on the main tour. So winning matches is unlikely hence the reason why getting sponsorship is also unlikely. Sponsorship is a reciprocal relationship where the sponsor would expect to receive some level exposure due to their sponsored players success and visibility.


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          Re; Sponsorship
          I have a proposal for you.
          Please email

          "I got injected with the passion for snooker" - SQ_FLYER
          National Snooker Expo
          25-27 October 2019