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  • It was a busy weekend and a busy last couple of days, but I'm finally getting there with the cushion refurb!

    First off I noticed the old blocks where a different size to the new blocks, which was initially a bit of a puzzle until I set up a dummy cushion and tried a ball next to each just to check the point of contact.

    Here's the old block:

    And here's the new block:

    As you can see the old block actually hits the ball much too high above the centre of the red, I checked this with Geoff Large (experienced billiard fitter) and he agreed the old blocks where too high. So after the initial confusion was sorted I cracked on the stage 2.... getting them fitted to the cushions!


    • I had intended to make my own hardwood blocks in the early stages of the renovation, assuming this would make the cushions as firm as they could be, but decided it would be too much bother so I added a set to my Thurstons order. As it turns out, the blocks sent where Poplar, which is actually a hardwood I've used this before when making some bespoke kitchen units, nice solid wood, easy to work with, just a bit ugly with it's green tone and grey looking knots, but perfect for this job!

      All the blocks glued and screwed into place, remembering to allow for the thickness of cloth on top.

      Here are the homemade templates I have, I'll use these as a guide for trimming the ends off the blocks.

      Here I have shaped the edge of the block ready for the new rubber, you can see the small ledge carved into the block which helps support the rubber going into the pocket.

      All the blocks done and the cushions refitted.... time for bed!


      • Next probably the job I was dreading the most, fitting the new rubber! Everything I've ever read or been told would have you believe this job must only be carried out by Ninja-like, Jedi level of table fitter, which had me worried! So I made sure I studied every aspect that I could regards the gluing, cutting and shaping! Geoff Large's website helped at lot here with his detailed explanations and numerous photos, that combined with my own photos of the old cushion rubbers and I was ready to go!

        Block glued and the back of the rubber glued ready to be assembled! You can also see in this pic that I wood filled the counter sunk screw heads for a completely flat surface.

        Rubber now in place. This job was made easier with help from the missus holding one end in the air as I placed the rubber onto the block, this was done with a slight stretch of the rubber and then pushed firmly into place once aligned!

        Some masking tape to help hold in place (just in case!)

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        • Next up the shaping of the rubber to the pocket templates!!

          I quickly realised that a Stanley knife was next to useless at this job! After nearly removing two fingers and the rubber coming unstuck with all the pressure I thought I'd try with my junior hacksaw and a fine metal blade! Genius! It worked a treat, and no danger of removing a finger!

          Here you can see I've already 'roughed out' the shape using my pocket template and I'm now fine tuning the nose profile as in turns into the pocket. Again this was carried out carefully with the hacksaw.

          Here is the rubber now cut out to shape, I've kept the profile of the nose running into pocket and also added an under-cut, all using nothing but the junior hacksaw up to this stage!

          This is after a little rasping and sanding... You can also see here the support fillets, these where pushed up to the bottom of the rubber after gluing and then glued & screwed into place.

          The finished job!

          Now I just had to do the rest to match!
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          • A middle pocket with the template used, I made sure I left a little gap to allow for the cushion cloth!

            Corner pocket.

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            • Finally I had to just shape and sand more of a curve to the bottom of the blocks to follow the shape of the rubber above. All done and I'm now ready for the cushion cloth!!

              To be continued......



              • Have to say, that's outstanding Steve.
                This is how you play darts ,MVG two nines in the same match!


                • Originally Posted by itsnoteasy View Post
                  Have to say, that's outstanding Steve.
                  Ditto INE, Carry on like that Steve and Geoff will have some serious competion, I can see you taking on a new Trade.
                  Snooker is a game of simple shots played to perfection, Joe Davies


                  • Originally Posted by John Flaf View Post

                    Ditto INE, Carry on like that Steve and Geoff will have some serious competion, I can see you taking on a new Trade.
                    I’m to much of a perfectionist to earn a living from it I think, I’d take too long. I’ll be glad when she’s finished! Geoff’s a good bloke and has helped here and there with snippets of advice, I just had to try and fill in the blanks to bring it all together. I was actually surprised at how easily the rubber can be sculpted into shape once you’ve cut the main bulk off with the hacksaw, because it’s very tough you can’t accidentally remove too much in one go, so fine tuning is a doddle.


                    • I've been thinking the same thing after looking at all the photos and you should become a professional table fitter. The level of detail is incredible.


                      • Thanks Rottweiler! I do feel like the most challenging jobs have been completed now, so it’s downhill from here hopefully. I’m really happy with how it’s coming together, I just hope it plays as well as it looks, that will be the test!

                        I don’t think it would be much of a stretch to go pro if I fancied a change in career, one area I would be lacking though is the experience of working on different tables especially some of the really old types, who knows? Watch this space!


                        • looks superb Steve! Keep up the good work!
                          "just tap it in":snooker:


                          • Back from my week away and my visit to GBL shop.... Brilliant!! :snooker:

                            So first job back was to double check the rubbers and then sand more of a curve to the support fillets prior to fitting the cloth.

                            Here they are all prepped and ready to go!

                            Next was to fit the tape to the top of the rubbers which helps keep the rubber in place when players rest on the cushion with a leg or whatever. I went with the more traditional tape supplied by Thurstons which is a sticky cloth type which moulds to the shape of the cushion better, I know some fitters use duct tape just on the top of the rubber, which I'm sure is also fine.

                            Tournament 29oz cloth for the cushions and the bed

                            After a little figuring out the correct orientation of the nap it was time to fit the first piece of cloth

                            Ready to re-fit!!..

                            Annoyingly IMG BB keep rotating my images, need to figure out how to rotate them back??


                            • While the cushions where off I decided I'd have another go at fitting the old cloth back on, I wasn't totally happy with my first attempt so I ended up buying a cloth fitting DVD from Ebay which helped for both the bed and cushion cloths! Second attempt was much better and I think I'll be more confident now when it comes to fitting the new 6811 tournament cloth. But for now I'll get a bit more wear from this...

                              Next it was time to try the cushions on and check with the match pocket templates.

                              It was getting late in the day and I was itching to have a go with my new cue but first I wanted to attempt fitting one of the new quad extended rails and new pocket leathers just to see how time consuming they would be, after nearly an hour of faffing I finally cracked it.

                              After this I decided to leave the rest for another day.... It was time to try out the new cue!!


                              • Brilliant Steve a masterclass, I can guess how impatient it would be not to build the table it looks excellent, I think I would have held off a bit until the walls and ceiling were done save you having to work around it.
                                Snooker is a game of simple shots played to perfection, Joe Davies