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Best reasonably priced new lights.

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  • Best reasonably priced new lights.

    Can anyone recommend a decent brand of lights? We are looking to upgrade from the old fashioned style lighting to some LED's. Can you get a decent set for under 200?
    Many thanks.

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    Switch over to 30/35 watt daylight bulbs (equivalent to 150 watts in old money) that are used in photography and indoor horticulture and save yourself a packet.
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      I've installed LED flat panel 600x600 above my table. OK mine are set into the suspended ceiling. You can however fit into a frame. The illumination is superb, gets under the cushions. The balls also look sharper. Five panels cost me 120. Can highly recommend.
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        late last year we had the old coffin shades changed for duet Luminaries with louvres and high frequency florescent tubes.
        took a while to get used to them but now would not go back to the dark ages

        we have a maintenance contract with Thurston so they did he work but you can get 5ft duet units from any electrical suppliers, get 2x 5ft per table, fitted end-to-end, approx 5ft about the playing surface and you wont go back

        the 5ft tubes are much cheaper to replace than the old 8ft ones we had in the coffins; and much easier to fit as well
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          Thanks for the replies guys. We were looking at something like the peradon luminaire dual ones, they are about 280. I see you can get similar ones for about half that, I just wondered if the peradon ones were much better than the rest. We were hoping to get something for around 200.


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            I believe that price is fitted is it not?
            check what you get for your buck.
            We have the Thurston ones (same unit just a different sticker on the side) as we have a maintenance contract with them; the work really well, but you can get exactly the same from any decent electrical suppliers for much less and get them fitted by any competent (or even in-competent ) electrician

            With the reflecting louvres and the high frequency tubes is what you are looking for.
            two tubes in each unit, 2 units per table - 5ft unit lengths
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              The peradon ones are basically the following with their badge stuck on and then they charge 3x the price. Shocking really.


              You need two 5ft fittings and they easily bolt together.
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                The best thing to do is have a look on Facebook marketplace. I got 8x 6ft units for a tenner a piece. Then we got 16x led tubes that are retrofit. So we got 4 tables done for 240. Its the led tubes that have boosted the price as they came in at about a tenner each. To be honest the existing fluorescent tubes were satisfactory. In which case it only cost 20 per table as the tubes were included. Ours are about 4ft above the playing surface to maximize the light spread to just the table, without lighting up half the room too.
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