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  • Line Up Breaks.

    Do people include line up breaks when stating their highest break? If so, does it/should it count as your highest break?

    ​​​​​I'm assuming not but just wondered if anyone considers them legit for us casual players.

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    Short answer...……….……….No


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      Long answer (lol) is that most amateurs and professional players have a practice and a competitive high break. A break recorded in a proper match against a player whose trying hard to beat you is your “official” high break. Nothing wrong with being proud of a high break in a line up. If I made a century in a line up I’d be chuffed to bits and would be telling everyone about it ha ha.
      What’s a bit more of a debate is breaks made in “friendly” frames against guys in the club. In these sort of frames some guys in my club just smash the pack all over the place from the break off shot. With the reds spread everywhere a lot of high breaks are made. I’ve seen one of the top amateurs make a couple of 147’s in these conditions but he doesn’t count it on his official amateur record. He records this as a practice break.
      I guess as an amateur you can make your own mind up on what rules you want to follow.
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        Definitely not. I made a 140 on a lineup, plenty of centuries but never had a century in a game (practice or comp). Totally different.
        Something i'd like to rectify


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          Yeah, I suppose it should be kind of obvious that they aren’t real breaks. I should’ve added that I only asked the question after chatting to a work mate who told me his highest break was 70.

          After initially being impressed and asking for a few tips etc.., he told me about the line up practice. Of course, I already knew about this. But it turned out that the line up is where he makes his 70 breaks. So I couldn’t help but wonder if others are bragging about their highest breaks in this manner.

          For the record, my highest line up is 63. I’ve made a 43 in practice and 35 in a real game.


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            Well done Art. 50 the target in a match. Major milestone for an amateur. Guy I know who claims frequent high breaks in practice moves the white a bit if he gets a bit out of position lol. Just cheating on himself!


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              Originally Posted by Nifty50 View Post
              Guy I know who claims frequent high breaks in practice moves the white a bit if he gets a bit out of position lol. Just cheating on himself!
              great tip this is, might try it tonight!
              "just tap it in"


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                Obviously high breaks in lines ups aren't half as impressive as in open play. There are too many options at the beginning of the break so you can easily make a 40/50 without even having decent cue ball control. It only starts getting tricky when there's less reds left.

                But saying that you still got to pot the balls! and the line up is a great drill for practicing the key shots in snooker. Stun, follow and screw shots.

                Master the line up and open play becomes a lot easier. I've found that out!

                I made my first century line up of 109 last August. Moved on to having quite a few centuries in open play now. 114 highest to date. (Missing blue to pink on the clear up)
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                  I once made a maximum in a solo practise frame. Broke off properly and negotiated red blacks to near on perfection. Splitting the pack well and we'll on my way. I was very nervous during the colours.

                  This doesn't count. As far as I'm concerned only breaks made against an opponent count. Whether it be in matchplay or a practise session. Although usually your match break will always be lower for obvious reasons.
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                    Have to be a no from me.

                    Had lots of century line up breaks but they are not the same as nice as they are to string a few balls together.
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