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Wii Snooker?

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  • Wii Snooker?

    Anyone got snooker for the Wii yet?

    I'm getting a Wii for christmas and see that snooker has been out since sept, has anyone got it/played it? i don't wanna blow 40 quid on a game and cue if its crap!

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    Hey Mellow. I've got it!

    The game is quite good. Getting a feel for the power gauge is the hardest bit, and it requires a fair bit of concentration to build a break, just like real snooker! lol.

    I would recommend it to any snooker addict.


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      Yes, I got it.
      The physics are very good (try playing a hard follow-through shot against the cushion, the white will keep bouncing against it - I foudn this is a good test for billiards physics).
      My only complaint physics-wise is that you cannot do swerve shots.
      The game is fun and it's easy to play online against a friend.
      It also has a "puzzles" mode, which is great ('pot all balls in 2 shots' type of challenges)

      Definitely worth its price.


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        i'll add it to my christmas list then


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          How well does it play on the wii?
          "Statistics won't tell you much about me. I play for love, not records."

          ALEX HIGGINS


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            It does not play very well as its motion controlled but without the Motion + 'which would be a Big help' if incorporated.