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    Thanks Gorfendor

    The timing is a little spooky becuase having worked on it since October - the new PRO upgrade option for QuickSnooker was launched yesterday.. there's a little information here but really you need to download/play it to appreciate it.
    You can get the game for 7 days free from and if you choose 'internet play','internet waiting room' and go into the 'blue' room - you can even beg a game or two on the one of the 'Pro' levels (Club,Pro or Master).

    Dare I say it's now the most realistic Snooker game available on the Internet.. I'm sure you guys will have something to say about that - but all input is gratefully received, and unlike a bigger publisher - I can actually act on it.

    Please give it a try


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      Nickax, I'm so glad I decided to read this thread. I used to play the old 2d version and found it fun in an arcadey type of way, but I had no idea it had been updated - and what an update it is!! At the risk of sounding like your PR I think this new version is nothing short of fantastic. I downloaded iSnooker a few weeks ago and have been playing that, but your grahics run smoother, the balls pysics are more realistic, and the sound FX are gorgeous, especially when compared to iSnooker's. I've never once bought an online game, but I think after a few more goes on the free one I will be doing just that.

      A couple of questions. One thing I do like about iSnooker over this, is the static, overhead TV-style view of the table, as opposed to yours which has a kind of floating camera effect. Is it possible to have the small overhead view, and a static TV-style view for the main?
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