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    Hello there! I'm Matt and came to grips with your forum to share a snooker game we've been working on recently,

    Quick About
    Web Snooker is a free web based online snooker game developed in HTML5 canvas. No flash, downloads or logins required.


    TWO Major Requirements:
    *** Browser - You need one of the browsers listed below to play it (Sorted in a descending recommendation order. Also the more up to date version of the browser the better, some older may not work properly):
    - Google Chrome -
    - Firefox 4 -
    - Opera -
    - Firefox 3.5 (may perform slowly) -
    *** Display resolution - Minimum resolution allowing for a comfortable play is 1024x768. Minimum recommended is 1280x720. For these resolutions it may be a good idea to hit F11 to toggle fullscreen mode in your browser.

    How to play it:
    - visit - NO logins or anything bothersome required,
    - set up your basic settings in the menu and hit save settings. IF your display resolution is smaller than 1280x1024, please change your Scoreboard Style to Compact. Toggling fullscren mode in browser window (F11) may improve the overall experience, too.
    - While in the dashboard you can choose 'Practice' to get the feel of the game or play directly against other people either by hosting or joining a server. Controls and rules are *straightforward and easily accessible within the game interface.

    Consider this version an alpha. In case of any technical issues report them to us if possible. Feedback and suggestions are welcome. You can use the ingame 'leave feedback' widget to share your ideas.

    Hope you enjoy!