Hi All,

Nick here - author of QuickSnooker

It's been a long time since I posted - I don't want to spam this forum.

Last summer we had a pretty major server crash - we were out of action for a couple of weeks and lost some ground (and customers) during the re-build, however rebuild we did - and extended all accounts by double the down-time.

Since then I've done a lot of work on the game, most recently during the Masters I really tuned up the physics in the 'Pro' version - which I would now say is the most realistic in any Sim.

Now I *know* it'll never be "real" and you guys would rather spend your time at the club than sat in front of a computer - but I actually think it's now a useful training aid.. and besides that, it's also fun.

If you've not tried QuickSnooker - please do, you can download from http://www.quicksnooker.com for free - what's more for anyone who emails support@quicksnooker.com (quoting TSF and their serial number from the game) before 9pm tonight I will GIVE you 60 days membership and Pro key (Worth £10) FREE so you can check out the full glory QuickSnooker 'Pro' yourself