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Straight rail crowding patterns.

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  • Straight rail crowding patterns.

    Feel free to link, embed, download or use this or any other my videos.

    You snooker players shouldn't complain about the size of the pockets in this video. LOL The pockets are as small as they come. Hope you are hittem well

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    Wow! Thanks for that forcefollow.

    We know that history has it that John Roberts Jnr. was beaten by an American named Frank Ives for the "Billiards Championship of the World" and later travelled to America to reclaim the title. As the story goes..."not before he (Roberts) was given an exhibition in nursery cannons years before the Walter Lindrum era."

    As I understand it, this scoring technique is known as the Rail Nurse in Carom billiards, and that is where nursery cannons in English billiards had its origins.

    I am particularly gratified to learn that art of nursery cannons did not disappear with the "Big Four". I've seen it being demonstrated by Danik Lucas, albeit nothing close to Lindrum's mastery.

    I'm gratified too that some video footage of the greats in the games have survived "the test of time" and is now available for us to view. For myself, when I first saw a clip of the late great Walter Lindrum in action, what struck me was he knew in advance, every single shot he was playing for and got the balls there while narrating to his audience!

    Not to be biased, I also appreciate all old footage whether they be of Willie Hoppe, Ralph Greenleaf or any of the past greats in all forms and fashions of billiards. It is never ceases to amaze me whenever I'm privileged to see them.