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doubt on English Billiards

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  • doubt on English Billiards

    I belong to a small snooker club in Málaga and sometimes we play billiards. I have a doubt about the rules and I´d apreciate very much if anybody can help me solve it: is it legal to hit a ball, either the red or the opponnet´s, so that that object ball hits (after being contacted by the cue ball) the other one and the latter enters a pocket? what would the score(s) be if it is legal? thanks a lot. ondapasadena

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    For a complete guide to the great game of English billiards go to where you will find all the answers. F.


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      In basic terms, as long as either a cannon or a pot occurs during the stroke, it doesn't much matter how it happens! (Except, of course, if your own ball is pocketed without either of the other two moving!)

      Pot the red - three points
      Pot the object white - two points
      In-off the red - three points
      In-off the white - two points
      (With the in-offs, it is the ball first struck that counts, e.g. you hit the red, then the other white, and go in-off - this counts three points for being in-off the red.)
      Cannon - two points.

      As you probably know, the above can be scored in combination in the same shot. The maximum score in a shot is 10 - cannon for 2, both object balls are potted for 2 and 3 points, and you go in-off having struck red first - another 3.


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        Doubt solved.Thank you.