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  • toomy

    billiards is the american version of pool

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    Dude ur wacked. Billiards is nothing like pool for one is play a full size prober table.


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      Actually, in the USA, billiards and pool are used interchangebly.
      Not that I'm claiming this is correct, just stating a fact.

      I usually think of billiard as being the ensemble of games played with balls on a table and cues. Snooker would be one type of billiards games
      Check this out

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        I think he's trying to be funny


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          wacked. like it. gonna use that tomorrow the first chance I get.

          Don't Ewe Ess of Aye guys use the word billiards when they mean pool, rather than saying that people using 3 balls on a table 12 feet by 4 with small pockets that you can score without potting a ball and there's no set order of shots that you have to play is the same as guys over the pond using a table have the size with pockets twice the size and upwards of 10 balls on the table at the same time that you invariably have to pot in the same order each time. Hmmmmmm.

          I think that Billiards is fine to a limit, it really sharpens your awareness of in-offs, opening the reds via canons and general angles round the table for position.

          Everyone should at least be aware of the skills required to play the game - we have 4 snooker frames and a billiard fram in our league, so that's how important it is. 3 cushion billiards thougn is the elite of billiards - woh!
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