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    Reece01compressed.jpgI recently purchased a nice 901 second break Tom Reece from Mike at Old Cues. I was chuffed as I thought I finally had all the Reece 499,135 cues. Then I read about a 692 second break, 1st Feb 1911 (although I am yet to see a pic). I thought for years there was only the 627, 773 and the 901 until a couple of years ago I purchased a 751 needing some love and attention. This makes me think, is there any other second break Reece cues around??
    Can anyone help? I would love to see photos of the 692 break cue.
    I have tried to attach photos but my files are too big.
    When I work out a way of reducing them I will try again.
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    Apart from the 499,135 and other anchor cannon breaks, you have listed most of Reece's personal record breaks, which chronologically run:

    627: Saturday 19th January 1907.
    669: Friday 20th January 1911.
    692: Wednesday 1st February 1911.
    740: Saturday 21st December 1912.
    751: Thursday 2nd January 1913.
    773: Thursday 6th March 1913.
    901: Wednesday 14th June 1916.

    I would have thought that the 669 was made too near to his 692 break to have been produced as a separate cue plate, being less than two weeks apart, as indeed were the 740 and 751 breaks, so you have probably identified them all.


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      Thank you for that invaluable information.
      Andy Hunter just sent me a photo of the 692 break cue so I know that was produced. I think there is a chance there is a 669 and 740 out there somewhere.


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        can you share that photo please
        Up the TSF!


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          I hope this works, I don't have a lot of luck with pics onthis site!!

          Reece6921.jpg Reece 692


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            Tom Reece Cues

            Up the TSF!