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  • Online Billiards

    Veteran pool players may strongly claim that there's nothing in common between online billiard and the real thing, still the popularity of the virtual version of the game cannot be denied. With hundreds of online pool and snooker websites, which host tens of thousands of players at any hour of the day, online billiard can be declared as one of the most popular online games.

    Online Billiard Development

    There is nothing new about the concept of shooting pool over a virtual billiard table. Actually, a more primitive variation of online billiard has been available still in the old days of slow internet connection and constant hang-ups. Nowadays, online billiard games are available in variety of formats; from single player games to online billiard tournaments with dozens of participants at the same time, 2D flash games and 3D photorealistic games with real life pool physics.

    Online Billiard for Money

    Another development of online billiard is the addition of real money online games. If in the beginning, you could play billiard against other players and be rewarded with virtual trophies, currently, you can play online billiard games and tournaments for cash prizes.

    Online Billiard Tournaments

    Online billiard tournaments, like any other online games tournaments, can involve a relatively large number of players, come in variety of formats (sit n' go, event, satellite tournaments, etc) and offer relatively large prizes. In most online billiard sites, the tournaments' winners' names appear on the homepage, so you can brag about it in front of your friends, at least as long as its online.