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Mike Russell, banned from entering events.

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  • Mike Russell, banned from entering events.

    WBL, the self elected group who are running billiards on behalf of the WPBSA have chosen to effectively ban the greatest player of the last 80+ years. Yes he has behaved badly in the past but no worse that many other top sports people have. The thought of trying to help Russell has never been on the agenda of a governing body that in my opinion and experience is like a secret society and is unsympathetic to the needs of players. Although run by people who know little about the game they have done some good but have let themselves down badly in this instance. The true billiard lovers are now deprived of the chance of seeing the unique skill of Russell.

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    so verbally and racially abusing two youngsters from the far East (IIRC)
    physically and verbally abusing event organisers
    and many instances of drunken, abusive behaviour to many others
    is not enough to be banned?

    promising to not do it again many times and not keeping that promise many time...

    From what I have read over the many months is that the WBL have tried not to ban him but he is his own worse enemy. He has a problem that he needs to get help for, I hope he does and he makes a good recovery.
    Up the TSF!