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How to level a pool table?

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  • How to level a pool table?

    How do you level an 8 ball pool table? A local pub I play has a table that needs levelling badly. Any information would be very welcome. Thanks

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    If the table has not been levelled for a while, I would wind all legs to near the top (not showing much thread) to start a fresh
    Nothing worse than having the table on long spindles of thread

    Old school is to slowly run balls diagonally and then down the rails till no deviation is noticed. Down the rails have two balls touching each other and the cushion, then run another ball into the pair, this will ensure the ball wont bounce off the rail.

    The team playing at the pub I go to use a laser level, carpenter-type. They put it on a window sill and then use a metal ruler at each corner - on the cloth near the drop NOT on the rail - to see which is high/low and adjust as appropriate. They rock the ruler back and forth to get the top reading.
    It does not take much turning to make a small height change. You will get the feel for it
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      Thanks Dean, the pool table is badly off but hopefully I'll get it sorted. Yours and Geoff Large's advice has been great.


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        where is Geoff's advice?
        he is very knowledgeable
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