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It made me laugh anyway.....

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  • It made me laugh anyway.....

    From last months VIZ....

    I recently paid £25 to have new pockets sewn intomy trousers, because the old ones had holes in them. Unfortunately I'm short-sighted and instead of taking them to the tailors, I inadvertantly took my trousers to the snooker table repairers next door. Now my pockets have mors hlos in than ever, and all my loose change just falls down my legs and all over the floor.

    Reg Garrity, Castleford

    With reference to the previous letter, I had snooker table pockets sewn into my trousers on purpose. I am a snooker referee and I always carry a full set of balls with me in case the players have forgotten to brong some.

    Len Ganley, The Crucible
    One day I'll make a century, I've knocked in a 51!

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    lol. Len Ganley = Legend!
    If you want to play the pink, but you're hampered by the red, you could always try to play the brown!