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RIP Whitney Houston

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  • RIP Whitney Houston

    Just heard the news that Whitney Houston has passed away

    Also could not believe that she was only 48! thought she way atleast 10 years older.

    What was your favorite Whitney track?

    If you click the video button in the advanced editor you can embed a youTube video into this thread, this is one of my favorite Whitney tracks, I think I remember it most because it was in the charts when I was at school.

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    Had it all once see...

    Such a shame to see another great singer/entertaners life end so early...

    RIP Whitney Houston....


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      Her voice was totally amazing. Really a shame.

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        I was rather taken aback too when I saw the news today... and only 48!! Used to listen to her in the 80s, what an amazing voice.

        RIP Whitney Houston.

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          Shocking news she was the prettiest of the prettiest in her prime .


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            She was fantastic until she meet Bobby Brown......downhill from then .........tradegy .....superb voice .
            Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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              Indeed so sad, a great talent...... and way too young to go!!

              R.I.P Whitney Houston
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                A truly beautiful mega talented singer who unfortunately was attracted to bad boy scum like Bobby Brown. Like neil taperell says, downhill all the way from then on. You would have though that her family would have had the ******* sorted out the first time he beat her up. like me and my brother sorted out my little sisters first husband. He never touched her again and cleared off for good a short time later.


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                  Originally posted by coomsey76 View Post
                  Indeed so sad, a great talent...... and way too young to go!!

                  R.I.P Whitney Houston
                  Yup. It's like Amy Winehouse all over again


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                    RIP Whitney

                    I Know it was a cover but still her greatest work is I Will Always Love you
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                      I hope this tragedy will at least stop some young people from taking drugs. And alcohol has ruined many also.