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Moving to Belgium help. Any Belgians? :)

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  • Moving to Belgium help. Any Belgians? :)

    My boyfriend's about to end his contract with his current club in Holland, so since I'm bored and I don't particularly like staying in one country way too long, I'm considering just pushing a move to Belgium to him. If I succeed to convince him (I have confidence in my impulsive "honey let's move" skills), we'll move by August.

    So which cities in Belgium do you reckon is the best place to be snooker-wise? He's a complainer so I don't want to give him any excuses to play badly. In fact, I would love if the city is full of ridiculously talented snooker players who will kick his ass for me

    Also, any tips about generally moving to Belgium is also welcome. Unless you don't like Dutch people. In that case, I'm Malaysian

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    if he wants his ass kicked on a regular basis he should move to uk
    The Cuefather.


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      Ha, if the Belgians fail me, I'll take that into consideration.