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James Bond's bike for sale

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  • James Bond's bike for sale

    I know it's for charity but i do hope bids are genuine

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    Well, as you guys out the fake cues on eBay I'll have to out this as a fake - firstly he totals the bike by crashing it off the railway bridge onto the tracks when he jumps on the train but more importantly when he gets on it at the market first of all, the badges on the pannier don't quite look the same and the front right indicator is definitely the wrong colour fake!!


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      Lol, ain't seen film yet so can't comment, price is a tad high tho


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        Children in need wouldn't lie would they? I'd guess it's been repaired from the stuntman damage or i hope
        Don't let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning...


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          They do have more than one bike though so maybe not the one in the film, but I would guess there is more than one used in the film anyway.


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            Yeah, more than 1 bike used. Behind the scenes documentary has a shot of bikes/cars used. I think there were 10+ bikes parked in a row that were all used during filming.