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FIDE World Chess Championship 2013

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  • FIDE World Chess Championship 2013

    probably a bit of a long shot that you ball-whackers would be interested but just thought I'd mention the World Chess Championship is being played at the moment ...

    I'm watching a replay of game 3 of 12 here ...

    The page is a bit confusing - you can playback the moves on the big chessboard on the left or watch the video replay on the right just under the FIDE logo ... very good commentary and quite cute female commentators ...


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    I love the chess DandyA, nice to see the Caro Kann getting a run out in game two, used to be one of my favs , but it's too easy a draw nowadays, the book runs well into the end game on it.
    Don't play much now, but every now and then i have been known to lose a few on FICS.
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    This is how you play darts ,MVG two nines in the same match!


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      I like a game but not really a spectator sport lol


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        Originally posted by Byrom View Post
        I like a game but not really a spectator sport lol
        well I would have agreed with you in the past Byrom, but with today's technology, there's always something going on ... the screen is divided in three ... (1) the two players thinking which is pretty boring (2) an analysis board and (3) the two commentators (one male, one female and either grandmasters or international masters) bouncing ideas off each other on the analysis board (ie, showing you the possible plays) ...

        obviously you need to have some understanding of the issues involved but mine are very limited but I'm finding the analysis very interesting ...

        I watched a game on replay all the way through (4hrs) and wasn't bored at all and caught the last 30 minutes of today's game live - it genuinely got quite exciting for a while ...

        It's certainly more interesting than watch Rory McLeod (or sometimes Neil Robertson) spend 5 minutes considering a shot and then play the obvious one which everyone knew he was going to play ...


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          Well I will give it a go then and have a watch then - have not had a game for ages - gave it up after University years ago but was not bad - fancy a game do ya? No cheating allowed though - defeats the object.


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            No disrespect but I think I would rather practice snooker for 4hrs rather than watching a chess match on my computer. (I also feel the same way when the snooker is on as I put it on my overhead TV with very low sound and practice anyway).

            Of course, I have only played chess once or twice and never did get interested in it.

            Terry Davidson
            IBSF Master Coach & Examiner


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              Best game I ever had was with a chess set I once had that was made up of shot glasses - every time you got taken your opponent would have a slam dunk with a beer - same for you if you took a piece.

              Game evened itself out the longer it went - cant remember for the life of me who won. Happy days them.


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                Anands getting humped , it's basically all over he has to win all the games left. Serves him right, losing with the Berlin defence against the Ruy Lopez, kramnick done that to death, I thought it was an automatic draw, it's not as if he used the Marshall gambit or anything attacking.
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                This is how you play darts ,MVG two nines in the same match!