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the future is in asia?

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  • the future is in asia?

    in this 2 days..the famous rider of motogp..marc marquez and pedrosa coming to my town..jakarta..and the former world champion nicky hayden also come to jakarta..

    few months ago..many clubs from premier league,germany and italy came to jakarta such as chelsea,liverpool,milan,bayern and etc..

    and most snooker tournaments are held in china and i read snooker have been saved by the chinese..

    now tons of middle east oil tycoon come to europe to invest their money in football italy,spain,england and etc..

    i wonder what happen in this world?as far as i know..few years ago
    i think im still like living in third world country..and third world human..we asian always think that europe is still the centre of the world..

    5-6years ago..when i was in bali..i still saw lots of europeans coming but now its decreasing..

    what happen?why everything changes so quickly?is this the sign that the future of the world now is in asia?what will happen in the next 5 years?

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    at least more people than would figure out the meaning of you username


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      Originally posted by svendh View Post
      at least more people than would figure out the meaning of you username
      haha..why so many people ask the meaning of my means kiss bye..or g bye..something "bye" behind..u name it..