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Any Good Two Player Playstation (PS1) Games

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  • Any Good Two Player Playstation (PS1) Games

    I have a few mates coming over on Friday for an evening of alcohol, red meat and boxing. There will also be a pool table and foosball table and I'm wondering if I should buy a cheap PS1 for a laugh. I've already got a monitor and I could pick one up a PS1 from a second hand shop with controllers and cables for £10-£20. The games are less than a quid these days so it will cost me about 20-25 max to do it. When I had a PS1 I was more in to single player so I don't know what classics are out there for two players and this will only work if I get some of the best games for the platform. I had Tekken 2 so am going to look for that as the combat game but what titles are good for football, racing, boxing etc on the PS1?