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Interest check for peradon prince

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  • Interest check for peradon prince

    Recently refurbished peradon prince by jim black, I say refurbished because jim tapered the cue from a 10mm to a 9mm, jim did a great job and the cue is now like new.

    The reason for selling is because I recently got back into snooker so bought this cue in 2013 because my old cue vanished, but my old cue turned up shortly after buying this cue, so ive no need for two cues.

    The cue cost me £225 from baizecraft in Ireland, i can list it on ebay for £100 buy it now.

    See pictures 11350112_10155767151280061_1879619769_n.jpg11124208_10155767150575061_1100714452_n.jpg11420062_10155767149025061_4151471_n.jpg

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    Seems a fair price given 9mm won't be attractive to a lot of people, though it may bring in the pool crowd who like a smaller tip sometimes. But personally, I'd rather spend a hundred quid on a cue with 9.5-10mm tip, new or used.


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      Nice cue for £100 but as mb says the tip size will put many snooker players off it.
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        Presuming this cue has now been sold