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Butt protector for Parris

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  • Butt protector for Parris

    Sometimes i'm playing in a place without carpet and each time i put the cue down i'm anxious not to damage the butt, i'm not sure where to find a butt protector, plastic, rubber etc that will fit in a parris.
    At first glance these might fit, but it doesn't mention which brands it fit in and messaging the seller didn't help either.

    Anyone that has a parris with butt protector willing to share where you found yours please?
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    Pretty sure JP uses same extension joint as Master Cue. Woods sometimes have them in stock too.


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      Thanks, i actually already had asked Stu if he had any but he said he couldn't check cause he doesn't have a parris.
      They do seem to have the right thread by the looks of it.


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        Same as what Mark said. I bought some from


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          Thanks, i took the risk and ordered a few from woods, all in all a better option, no import cost because of brexit and free shipping.