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2 piece + aluminium case

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  • 2 piece + aluminium case

    anyone know were i can get a 2 piece case + extension aluminim case, i cant find one anywhere

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    Doubt your going to find one myself. Nearest to what you want i've seen has been a 3/4 ali case with three "trays inside rather than the normal 2 and although it was slightly shorter it was still more of a 3/4 than a 1/2. That was sold on ebay by snooker loopey. Not one for sale at the moment but he puts them up fairly often.

    Personally i'd go for one of the yankee pool cases in leather/man made stuff. Most of them are capable of holding all you want and more keeping the parts seperate as many yanks tend to carry 2 or 3 cues around. You can get them with more padding than a looney's cell and / or with tubes inside. Ali may be stronger but it'll dent dead easy.


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        Peradon make them!
        Check out thurstons site!
        or maybe billiards boutique on the banner might have them they sell peradon stuff!


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          I can do that for you if I am not too late (I only come on here sporadically becuase of work) I own in the banner above.

          A 2 piece plus extension case is £43.99 (Silver Flash case)

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