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  • D.I.Y Sight Right

    Reading the threads on Sight Right these few days gave me an idea to D.I.Y my own as a test bed.

    I never understood the "technology" part and really can't convince to put my money on something that's mechanical and analogue.

    There's two types that I with a "higher" height and the other "lower"

    I find that the "higher" one is better as it has less tolerance to getting both lines to "line up" properly. So I took my kid's LEGO and came up with these. it's inexpensive and the centre groove already provides a cavity to line the upper and lower line up. Alternatively a piece of tape can be used to further enhance the line.

    The higher height one

    The lower height one

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    Innovative. Can't imagine your boy is too happy with you messing up his Lego though
    So have you tried using it to check your sighting? Any new discovery?


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      Surely this wont help with your sighting i would say more to do with straight cueing.
      Not played for 3 years and itching for a game....11-3-2017.


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        Concept wise is the same. ucover the lower part when sighting and have someone remove part fown on the shot to see if it lines up


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          Any ideas what this looked like please, the pictures are no longer available