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NEED HELP! Regarding a chalk pouch/holder

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    Originally posted by Bigmeek View Post
    Terry, are there any problems with holes in waistcoat pockets? I wonder if the pros get the pockets reinforced given that they will get an awful lot of use?
    The waistcoat I use was tailor-made and I asked the tailor to put in stronger cloth in the pockets and also I don't use the waistcoat all that much but I have been using it for around 7-8 years now with no problems. I think the problem with jeans is the pockets are tight and the chalk gets some fairly sharp edges which eventually cut the jean pockets up.

    Now that I'm back practicing I use the Coutts pouch every day for 3-4 hours and it is serving me well.
    Terry Davidson
    IBSF Master Coach & Examiner


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      Thanks Terry, suppose if you were handy with a needle and thread you could add a bit of reinforcement to your jeans back pocket. Wouldn't be difficult to stitch in a wee bit of leather. Maybe Levis need to bring out special jeans for snooker players.


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        Originally posted by Terry Davidson View Post
        So in summary:

        1. Magnetic holders BAD, make clicking sound and disturb everyone.
        2. Chalk in pocket BAD, eventually destroys jean pocket.
        3. Leather pouch GOOD, but doesn't fit in cue case.

        I have had pouches from Aurora, Coutts and Ton Param and am using the Coutts one at present. It doesn't fit in my case very well however I just turn it around and hook it on my pocket and put just the chalk in the cue case.

        I also like a waistcoat with pockets as we have to wear them over here in some tournaments and that solution works very well but who wants to wear a waistcoat all the time?
        Chesworth cues do a smaller one, or at least they used to?
        No one is listening until you make a mistake!


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          Originally posted by neil taperell View Post
          Agree , the Stamford ones are quality .

          The only issue for me with leather pouches , is that as they are quite big they don't fit into my cue case .

          So i bought one of the metallic Maximus ones [ £15 from Green Baize] . If you use it correctly , you can eliminate a lot of the click click noise . And it fits into my case .
          Please let me know if any leather chalk pouches fit in the case. I have magnetic ones but not using them.
          Can't wait for this pandemic to end so we all can start playing again.


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            I had one jp leather pouch but it it does not fit in the case.
            Can't wait for this pandemic to end so we all can start playing again.


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              Originally posted by Terry Davidson View Post
              So in summary:

              1. Magnetic holders BAD, make clicking sound and disturb everyone.
              I have a magnet in my back pocket with a magnetic square glued to the chalk. No mess. No wearing out pockets. No noise.

              It is one of those extra strong disc magnets and comes in a pack of three with a 1" square magnetic piece I glue to the chalk.


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                Hello my first post on TSF. Just finding my way around some very useful information on here. Regarding chalk holders I made my own from some brass sheet it protects the chalk in the watch pocket on my jeans and protects the chalk.
                I took a couple of photo's but i'm not allowed any attachments.
                Just a ( very late) beginner here, only get a frame at weekends in the local workies although i prefer to practice when I get the chance.

                Snooker is a game of simple shots played to perfection, Joe Davies


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                  i realise this thread is a year old but i'm going to try to switch from chalk in pocket to chalk pouch, but i wonder what the ideal place on the belt is?
                  Seems to me every place on the front half would prevent leaning over the table properly and the back half would make the chalk difficult to reach.

                  Where do you guys place the pouch?
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                    Always to the side for me , I see a lot of Pro’s play with them at the front .

                    Best chalk pouch for me is made by Stamford Cues .
                    Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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                      does anybody has the smaller chestworth pouch?
                      this one:


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                        Originally posted by SLRoach147 View Post
                        I like to chalk my cue between most shots whilst playing snooker and normally like to keep my piece of chalk in my trouser pocket instead of on the table itself. However as you can imagine by the end of a match my pocket is covered in chalk from top the bottom.

                        I have been told to invest in a chalk pouch but I was wondering which is better?

                        A pouch that acts as a waistcoat pocket or one of those magnetic chalk pouches.

                        Please help,


                        Can recommend ADR147 chalk pouches, as good as any I've seen. Nice chap too. Can be found through here or on ebay


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                          I second that, the adr147 chalk pouch is top notch.